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Welcome to Addiction Reality, the home of personalized sobriety programs for recovering from addictions and rebuilding lives. 


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You are stuck in addiction, have no clue how bad things are, and no idea what to do.


You have decided that you want to be sober, and you want to change, but don’t know what to do.


Walk beside others on a similar path. Be seen, be known, be powerful.


You must move toward what really matters, and leave behind everything else.


Coaching and guidance outside main programs is available via phone, Hangouts, FaceTime, or Skype.


Candidates can raise their hand if they need help to order a program. Benefactors can donate anonymously, or with recognition.


Addiction Reality uses a personalized approach to help you recover from addictions in ways that fit your life and your needs. 

Addiction Reality works with you to uncover and solve the core problems of your addiction. We help you learn how to face everything — the problems in your past, the struggles in your present day, and your plan for success in the future. We help you solve the real problems of addiction instead of just treating the symptoms. 

Regardless of where you are at in your addiction  — whether you are active now, abstaining, struggling with relapse, or sober for years — we can help you create success, ease, and happiness in your life.

Addiction Reality works with individuals, spouses, partners and families dealing with addiction.  We work with you directly and with your relationships to build stability, healing, and growth.

Addiction Reality is the plan for sobriety and growth that fits your individual needs. Your program is personalized to become a part of your life that works.

Your life is unique to you, and your path of sobriety, change, and growth will be also. 

Call us to Change For Real, Forever.


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I am embracing who I am, and not trying to mask the real me.

I am growing more than I thought possible.

I am not afraid to let people into my life.

I am connecting to my family and experiencing joy that I never previously knew.

I am more freely giving of my time and attention. My family has noticed a significant change in my heart.

Before I was extremely closed off, but now I am very comfortable with others.


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