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Addiction & Soul


Posted by: Michael

Reading time: 3 minutes

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Your soul is where you find depth to your life. There can be meaning in your experiences, there can be purpose in your path, but in addiction you are disconnected from knowing this.

In any day, any hour, any moment, you can ask yourself, what is driving you forward? Addicts are driven for the next hit. Who would you be without addiction? What if you had all the money or time or love that you ever needed? What would you do? How would you feel?

It is important to re-connect to your reasons why. All of your various aspects have value — your body for the perception of sensation, your mind for the perception of beliefs, and your heart for the perception of feelings. Remember that your soul has value for the perception of meaning, for the reasons why that drive you forward.

When a person is connected to their soul, we can all see it. They share personal details about their experiences. They help others and give to others, to those they don’t even know. They create value in the world beyond the boundaries of a single, solitary existence. Creating value, depth, purpose, and meaning for others, and going beyond yourself, is spiritual. Some people call this kindness. Some call it patience. Or friendship. Compassion. Love. Different names for essentially the same thing.

Your soul is how you connect to value beyond you. Your soul is how you connect to value deep within you.

Are you connected to your soul? It is possible to be over-connected, where the reason why is the only thing that matters. This is fanatical, and is imbalance. It is also possible to be under-connected, and there is no reason why for anything. This is hopelessness, and is also imbalance.

Do you fear what might happen in the future? Do you fear experiencing the recurrence of terrible things from your past? What is your experience of life when fear is driving you? Remember that addictions bring relief, pleasure, and peace, but the effects are fleeting, and they are not real, because they wear off. And you will always be seeking the next hit.

You can seek a part of yourself that is real, and that does not wear off. There is a place inside you that is the same as all other people, with the same ability to show care, appreciation, kindness, and love. Such demonstrations are beautiful to witness, and so we call it inner beauty, and each of us has it.

Fear and love cannot exist inside you at the same moment. In those moments where you show care, attention, kindness, and compassion, you are driving out fear and driving out addiction. When love is driving you, there is no limit to this depth. There is enough for everyone. The effects do not wear off.

Your soul has value because your perception of meaning adds depth to everything else, to your body, your mind, your heart, and to others. If you are disconnected from your soul, and lost to that aspect of yourself, you will stay on the surface, where it’s shallow, without knowing how beautiful you are deep within.

Michael is the Lead Sobriety Coach and Head Blogger of Addiction Reality.