When you think that no one could understand where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you can re-connect here and remember that you are never alone.


No matter what form addiction takes for you, or what your story is, you will find others that have similar reasons for why they use. You will find that other people have had different experiences, but have felt the same things as you. At some point in their lives, all addicts have felt like they have fallen short, or lost hope, or felt unworthy in some way. Connect with other addicts here to remember that you never have to carry pain alone.

Whatever your drug of choice happens to be, you can find common ground with other addicts in the 4-Week Connector. These monthly groups are for people looking for change and growth, to share knowledge, and walk beside each other on a similar path.

The 4-Week Connectors begin every second Sunday, with as few as 2 members and as many as 10. Each day begins with a brief, structured routine to check in with the group, check in with yourself, and check in with reality. The group stays open 24 hours a day for 4 weeks.

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