This is an educational program for sobriety based on the most successful methods for recovering from addiction, for healing, and for rebuilding yourself. The work of this program is enough to break free of any kind of using (drugs, alcohol, junk food, sex, pornography, social media, gambling, etc.) and be sober forever, yet calls for tremendous effort and commitment. This program is inexpensive, but it should not be taken lightly. Commit to this work only if you are serious about breaking free of all addictions and becoming who you are meant to be. Also, if you are chemically dependent with alcohol or opioids then we recommend getting treatment for medically assisted tapering before beginning the inner work of healing and rebuilding yourself.  

In this program, you will: 

  • Learn about yourself and build healthy, strong habits that are stronger than the old ways of addiction
  • Create a Sobriety Action Plan and a daily checklist of actions to complete everyday that rebuilds the strength of your body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Track your progress over time to ensure that you keep building and keep moving forward 
  • Face your past and cope with your present without needing to use anything to distract, avoid, or numb out
  • Invite at least one other person to complete this journey with you, such as a peer or sponsor (or even run a group with this material)
  • Build communication skills by connecting with your partner or group daily (and give each other a reality check everyday)
  • Understand exactly what are your triggers for using
  • See the same triggers appearing in different situations
  • Take action and get close to what is more important than anything else
  • Establish stability and consistency in your behaviour
  • Build a life that brings more pleasure, more meaning, and more happiness than you ever had in addiction.


Before beginning the 60-Day Reality Check, you have 3 assignments.

One: find a peer or form a group to do this work with at least one other person. This is absolutely necessary. Choose people that are serious about changing and ready to commit to each other.

Two: complete Setup 1 to learn how to build your checklist of 12 daily actions, which will establish your new habits.

Three: complete Setup 2 for understanding the daily discussion points, which repeat every week and are designed to build your strength in 7 key abilities of sobriety. These are: 

  • Breaking Patterns
  • Seeing the Mask
  • Stop Causing Harm
  • Apology
  • Forgiveness
  • Leaving Behind
  • Moving Toward

The 60 Day Reality Check is completely online and only $20.00.

Once you complete the Setups, the program is simple to follow, but it demands your maximum effort. You must:

  • Complete all 12 actions on your checklist every day
  • Complete one discussion point per day by following the online course
  • Share your work with your partner or group every day

In the first week you will begin establishing your new healthy habits and you will begin your practice of all 7 key abilities in sobriety. You will be healing, rebuilding, and connecting right away, and then strengthening, a little at a time, every day and every week. By the end of the 60-Days, you will understand how to enjoy happiness and how to cope with problems — without using.

Review a Sobriety Action Plan template HERE.

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