Addiction Reality uses a personalized approach to help you recover from addictions in ways that fit your life and your needs. 

Addiction Reality works with you to uncover and solve the core problems of your addiction. We help you learn how to face everything — the problems in your past, the struggles in your present day, and your plan for success in the future. We help you solve the real problems of addiction instead of just treating the symptoms. 

Regardless of where you are at in your addiction  — whether you are active now, abstaining, struggling with relapse, or sober for years — we can help you create success, ease, and happiness in your life.

Addiction Reality works with individuals, spouses, partners and families dealing with addiction.  We work with you directly and with your relationships to build stability, healing, and growth.

Addiction Reality is the plan for sobriety and growth that fits your individual needs. Your program is personalized to become a part of your life that works.

Your life is unique to you, and your path of sobriety, change, and growth will be also. 

Call us to Change For Real, Forever.


After struggling with addictions for over 20 years, Michael reached a breaking point, which was the beginning of Addiction Reality. He made the decision to stop struggling, stop destroying his life, and start building instead. He began to dig deeply into himself and understand the ways that different programs, groups, and counselling were failing him in his path to become sober.  

The answer was that a person’s program for sobriety must be personalized to them. Rather than walking the same steps on the same path as everyone else, Michael learned how to fit together the best methods for sobriety in ways that matched his needs and his life. He found his understanding of the difference between NOT USING and TRUE SOBRIETY. After years of struggles and never being free from all addictions, his transformation became easy, joyful, and complete. Michael began helping others personalize their own sobriety programs, including people that had never broken their addictions and struggled constantly with relapses. 

The programs of Addiction Reality were made to deal with the core problems of addiction that can remain unresolved or avoided for many years. The work of every Addiction Reality program finishes with a clear plan of action that covers every aspect necessary for a person to attain sobriety in their life and keep it forever. The personalized approach makes it possible for any person, with any addiction, in any environment to become truly sober without fighting and constant relapse.

In his programs, workshops, and one on one sessions, Michael uses a unique and direct approach to solving the core of addiction problems. He teaches people how to break what is keeping them stuck, how to repair the damage they have caused, and how to heal their lives in ways that fit each person’s individual needs.  

Sobriety does not have to be a fight, every day. You can Change for Real, Forever.


Julie has been married to Michael for over 10 years. They share 3 incredible, vibrant young children.  

Julie’s comes from a healthcare background with training in dealing with addictions. She spent years volunteering with various organizations that work directly with addicts in different areas of support, from healthcare treatments, food & shelter as well as working in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre.

She began working with spouses as well as parents of addicts that she had met along her way to talk about their own points of struggle and areas that never seemed to be addressed for their own healing.  She came out of that experience with the message “What about me?” There is an abundance of support and resources for addicts but very limited resources for the family and partners of addicts. Families and spouses need support that addresses the trauma and damage they endure by being in a relationship with an addict.  

Julie has attended support groups, programs for families of addicts, online support groups, researched and studied. There was always an expectation of what the spouse or partner was “allowed” to either feel or talk about. She saw that there was a huge gap in addiction recovery — where does MARRIAGE fit?

It is Julie’s goal to provide support and recognition for the partners, parents and families of addicts that goes beyond all other programs. It is her goal to allow people to open up and truly share and experience and heal from living with addiction and the effects of addiction. 

When in a relationship with an addict, you are not in control of their decisions or their actions, yet those decisions and actions have a direct affect on you and your life.  

You need support to work through the damage that you’ve endured and guidance to navigate your future.