This is our deepest and fullest program. Choose this option if you are still very stuck in your addiction, and don’t want to change, or don’t even think that you can. Into Reality is the beginning of a new path out of addiction. We call reality a path because we must walk — we must act — to have it. This program will help you break addiction by resolving the reasons for using that are underlying your addiction and then re-connecting to the needs of your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul by first healing, and then rebuilding.

In this program, we will help you learn how to:

  • See addiction for what it really is, and yourself as you really are
  • Identify the needs that your addiction has been burying
  • Recognize and resolve the underlying reasons that drive your behaviour in addiction
  • Resolve trauma from your past and heal old pain
  • Face the damage you have caused, and what can be done to fix it
  • Understand the value of forgiveness, and a method that works for you
  • Understand the value of apology, and a method that works for you
  • Hear the difference between the voice of addiction and the voice of reality
  • Build a plan to meet the needs of your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul in healthy ways right now
  • Build new habits that are stronger than the old ways of addiction
  • Show attention and care to yourself and others with specific, measurable action
  • Track your progress over time to ensure that you keep building and keep moving forward
  • Identify the risk indicators of relapse and old behaviours before they even get close
  • Make a specific, practical plan for relapse prevention
  • Establish stability and consistency in your behaviour
  • Build a life that brings more pleasure, more meaning, and more happiness than you ever had in addiction.


Some people make effort to recover from one type of addiction and then get caught up in another. In this program, you will learn how to resolve the reasons within that drive you to seek pleasure or relief or oblivion from drugs, alcohol, sex, social media, video games, gambling, junk food — the thing that you use is not the problem. The reasons why you need and want to use are the real problem. We will guide you in resolving the trauma and pain that disconnected you from life and grew into massive distortions. You will learn how to pluck delusions out, like they were weeds, and clear your way to walk the Path of Reality. 

When you choose this program with Addiction Reality, you will receive:

  • a PDF copy of the Into Reality Workbook 
  • Guided instruction through the Workbook, point-by-point
  • Recognize and resolve your underlying reasons for using
  • Communication available through email, text, or phone to fit your schedule
  • Your strategy for staying sober and continuous growth
  • Personalized and specific creation of a Sobriety Action Plan, including focus points and risk indicators

This is a self-paced program that takes an average of 6-8 weeks to complete.



  • Thought that you might have a problem, but never bothered to seek help or treatment
  • Substituted one type of addiction for another
  • Tried rehab, or 12-Steps, or other program and then relapsed
  • Assumed that 12-Steps or other support programs would never work for you, so you didn’t bother trying
  • Lost your spouse, kids, house, job, friendships, etc. because of addiction problems
  • Cut down on using, but never found joy or purpose in your life
  • Wished that your life would have turned out differently

Into Reality can help you understand why you use, and what is driving you to seek relief and avoid pain. The work in this program teaches you to resolve old things, create space for new things, and discover the parts of life that you want more than you want to be addicted.