Refund and Cancellation Policy

Along with payment for your program, clients are also asked to complete the following at the time of order:

  • New Client Questionnaire: link HERE
  • Informed Consent: link HERE

We collect, use, and store information in conformance to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada: link to our privacy policy HEREThese forms, along with the program description, should provide our clients with enough information about our services to make a clear decision about working with us. We will be committed to your success in sobriety, and we ask that you be committed to us in return. If you have further questions about our company or programs, we invite you to book a free consulting call with us through the contact form HERE.

Refund Policy

Once our clients have provided payment and all necessary documents, then it will be deemed that a contract (“the Contract”) exists between Addiction Reality (“the Company”) and you (“the Client”). Our service will commence at this point, and you will immediately receive a copy of the Contract and a digital copy of the relevant workbook for your program. IMPORTANT: Once you have received a copy of the Contract and the relevant workbook, refunds are not provided, and cancellations are not accepted.

Cancellation Policy

The Company requires the following items from the Client at the time of ordering: i) full payment of each program, ii) completed New Client Questionnaire, and iii) completed Informed Consent before the commencement of services. The Company reserves the right to cancel orders from Clients that do not provide all required items within 7 days, at which time it will be affirmed that the Contract is not valid and any payment received by the Company will be refunded to the Client in full. Once the Client provides all required items to the Company, the Contract will be in effect, and services will commence.

In accordance with Alberta law, the Client may cancel the Contract under the following conditions:

  • Within 7 days of ordering, if the Client does not receive the PDF copy of the relevant Program Workbook from the Company as described;
  • Within 15 days of ordering, if the Client does not receive a copy of the Contract by email;
  • Within 30 days from the date specified in the Contract if the Client does not receive a PDF copy of the relevant Program Workbook from the Company as described.

Please note that all communications from the Company are stamped with time and date, and in the case of conflicting time stamp data between the Company and the Client, the Company’s time stamp wins out. If you have scheduled a coaching call or consulting call, and prepaid all charges but must subsequently cancel, we respectfully request a minimum of 48 hours notice. For paid speaking events we request a minimum of 15 days notice. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice (or less than 15 days for paid speaking events) will be subject to the full charge of your scheduled appointment. With 48 hours or more notice for cancellation, appointments can be re-scheduled, refunded, or donated into our Benefactor Program with no extra administrative charges incurred. The following sections have been copied from our full Terms & Conditions, which protect you as a consumer if we do not provide a copy of the Contract or workbook as agreed within the allotted days listed below.


Payment can be made by any of the options advertised on our website. Payment shall be due before commencement of service. If payment fails your order will be cancelled. Addiction Reality (“The Company”) uses secure server software to encrypt all payment details. Your (“The Client’s”) internet browser will confirm that you are ordering in a secure environment by showing either a locked padlock icon or an image of a padlock next to the payment details in the relevant area of the website. All information provided by The Client will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada. All online transactions will follow the Internet Sales Contract Regulation as it applies to Services purchased from an Alberta based business.

The following terms are in accordance with the Internet Sales Contract Regulation:

Entering into the contract

The regulation requires internet sellers to give customers the opportunity to accept or decline the contract and to correct errors immediately before entering into it. Download or print off any information that you send to the Company and retain it for future reference.

Getting a copy of the contract

Once you have agreed to purchase the goods or service, the Company must provide you with a copy of the contract in writing or in electronic form within 15 days after the agreement was entered into. The contract must include the information from the order as originally disclosed to you as well as your name and the date the contract was entered into.

Cancelling the contract

The regulations in Alberta, Canada allows you to cancel an internet sales contract if any of the following conditions apply: You may cancel the contract within seven days if: you did not receive your order as described; you were not given an opportunity to accept or decline the contract or to correct errors immediately before you entered into it. You may cancel the contract within 15 days after entering into it if: you do not receive a copy of the contract by mail, email, facsimile or some other method or you are unable to download or print a copy of the contract; the copy of the contract does not contain the product description. You may cancel the contract if you do not receive your order as described within 30 days of the date specified in the contract. If the delivery date is not specified, you may cancel the contract within 30 days. Please note that if the above conditions do not apply, and you would like to cancel the contract because you are not satisfied with the service or if you changed your mind about using the service, the Company holds the following policy on refunds.

Refund Policy

The programs offered by the Company are educational for building and maintaining sobriety from addictions, and as such, the effort The Client puts into the work will determine the degree of change and growth the Client experiences as a result. If the Client is not prepared to give effort, stay committed, and find courage, these programs (“Programs”) will not work for you. The Company strives to support all Clients in being successful, and in feeling comfortable that by choosing our programs and working the exercises, the Client will have an outstanding opportunity to change their life. The Company wants every Client to experience joy and fulfillment in life, and the Company believes that the Program can help every client do this. Upon entering a contract with the Company, the Client agrees to i) pay the specified amount, ii) submit a completed New Client Questionnaire, and iii) submit a signed Informed Consent and Waiver of Liability. When all required items have been provided by the Client, a contract will be in effect with the Company, services will commence, and the Company will deliver a copy of the Contract as well as the relevant Program workbook. Once the Contract and Program workbook have been delivered, refunds are not provided and cancellations are not accepted.

How to cancel the contract

To cancel the contract you must notify the Company that you want to terminate the agreement. You can send the notice by any means including registered mail, telephone, fax, email, courier or personal service. You should be able to prove the date that you sent the cancellation notice. It is important to keep a copy of the notice and any other supporting documentation relating to your purchase and cancellation. The above conditions for either cancellation or refund as listed above must apply in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Getting your money back

If you exercise your right to cancel the contract, and you have met the conditions for either cancellation or refund as listed here, the Company must return the money paid under the contract within 15 days from the date of cancellation. If there is any circumstance where the Client has received any copies of The Company’s intellectual property and has qualified for cancellation of the Contract, The Client agrees to destroy all copies and understands that duplicating or sharing copywritten material qualifies as infringement and warrants legal action from the Company.