This program is about dealing with life. A person that is working to break an addiction, but keeps relapsing back into old ways, is relying on their known and familiar strategy of using. That strategy is very powerful, because you condition yourself to know that regardless of what happens in life, you can use to feel better, or numb out, or sink into oblivion. Using is a reliable strategy, because it always delivers what it promises. The reality of addiction is that underneath the surface level of relief, or control, or excitement, or pleasure, the deeper levels of life are ignored, neglected, and wasting away.

Relapsing means that you have not yet developed new strategies for dealing with life that are stronger than the old ways of addiction. It means that you haven’t found a better way to answer problems, and you haven’t found a good enough reason why you need to be sober and change your life. No one can tell you the “right” way to do things for your situation, your needs, and your life. You must do the work to discover your own answers, your own strategies, your own reasons why. This program is designed to help you find these answers.

In this program, we will help you learn how to:

  • Understand exactly what are your triggers for using
  • Plan ahead for triggers and face them, not avoid them, when they happen
  • See the same triggers appearing in different situations
  • Recognize the voice of addiction that gives you permission and reasons to use
  • Recognize the voice of your true self, and get clear on what really matters in your life
  • Take action and get close to what is more important than anything else
  • Establish stability and consistency in your behaviour
  • Build a life that brings more pleasure, more meaning, and more happiness than you ever had in addiction.


Recovery is like setting your broken bones after an accident. Living in reality is learning how to walk again. Relapse Prevention is for understanding what trips you on the path, how to see it coming, and how to know whether to duck, jump, or charge through it, so that nothing can ever take you out again.

When you choose this program with Addiction Reality, you will receive:

  • a PDF copy of the Relapse Prevention Workbook 
  • Guided instruction through the Workbook, point-by-point
  • Online option is also available, with instruction delivered as a 6-part video playlist
  • Understanding of your core triggers, how they can appear, and a practical plan for dealing with them
  • Communication available through email, text, or phone to fit your schedule
  • Your strategy for staying sober and continuous growth
  • Personalized and specific creation of a Relapse Prevention Chart, including coping strategies

This is a self-paced program that takes an average of 2-4 weeks to complete.

Guided Program: $795.00

Online Program: FREE



  • Tried rehab, or 12-Steps, or other program and then relapsed
  • Substituted one type of addiction for another
  • Finished rehab, treatment, or another program, and still feel at risk of using again
  • Lost your spouse, kids, house, job, friendships, etc. because of addiction problems
  • Stopped using, but never found joy or purpose in your life
  • Wished that your life would have turned out differently

Relapse Prevention can help you understand what your triggers are, and how to deal with them when they happen. The work in this program is for getting clear on the people, places, and things that truly matter, why they are more important than anything else, and the actions you are taking to get closer to them, one little bit at a time.

This calls up your mindset for true sobriety, where using becomes irrelevant. This is where you have the ability to answer any problem, and the old ways are so far away, so weak, and so unnecessary, that using no longer makes any sense. You will not worry about clean time, or counting days, because your gaze is fixed ahead, on who you are becoming, and how far you can really go.