When you need extra support, guidance, or planning beyond the coursework of our Sobriety Programs, we are pleased to work with you one-on-one.

Please contact us directly to schedule an in-depth conversation about your situation and your needs.


I am very honored to work with addicts that are deciding to change their lives. The possibilities of personal transformation are truly staggering, and I am blessed to have opportunities to work with people that are choosing to grow. I love watching people shift, develop, expand, and I would be honoured to walk beside you on your path.

My methods have been collected from the best available strategies in the field of addiction recovery, and from my own personal experience with breaking multiple addictions, and then rebuilding.

I will show you how to find joy and fulfillment, not someday soon, but today, in the journey itself, no matter what life throws at you.

When you are ready to Change For Real, Forever, then let’s get to work!

I am ready, right now. 

Are you ready?