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Through past groups, accountability, and my ongoing connection with Michael, I have been able to maintain constant motivation and growth in my recovery that I would not have been able to accomplish on my own. I have found myself digging deep into the internal workings of my authentic self. This digging is not comfortable at times, but has helped me to gain a better understanding of who I truly am. One of the most important things that I have learned and that Michael continuously demonstrates is that we are not alone in our struggles.              — A.

I’ve learned through this process that sobriety and typical recovery approaches aren’t enough to fulfill and motivate me to become the person I truly aspire to be. I needed a system and deep connection to push and challenge me to live a thriving life. Michael’s program has been equally challening and rewarding in all the right ways. I have stretched my expectations for the husband, father, and friend that I want to become and I’m growing more than I thought possible.              — B.

I learned that I am not alone and that there is strength in honesty and vulnerability. I have learned that I am more than my addiction and that I have many positive qualities. My family has noticed that my overall attitude has evolved. I am a more positive person and have really come out of my shell. Before these groups I was really closed off and didn’t want to talk to anyone about anything, but now I am very comfortable with others and not afraid to let people into my life.              — R.

I am embracing who I am, and not trying to mask the real me.

I am growing more than I thought possible.

I am not afraid to let people into my life.

I am connecting to my family and experiencing joy that I never previously knew.

I am more freely giving of my time and attention. My family has noticed a significant change in my heart.

Before I was extremely closed off, but now I am very comfortable with others.