Jay Stringer’s book “Unwanted” tells us that “sexual brokenness reveals our way to healing”. His work teaches that destructive sexual behavior around pornography, affairs, and paying for sex are pointing us toward the original wounding that began a life of addiction or compulsion with sex. There is a story of how you came to be where you are, and “brokenness” reflects the old trauma that you still carry. Perhaps your parental figure was rigid with rules, and their work to control you filled you with anger. Perhaps they were disengaged and appeared to not care, leaving you to feel abandoned and like you did not matter. Your “unwanted” sexual behavior will likely display as either a re-enactment or a reversal of your trauma, and this is why the behavior itself is the essential clue for healing it.

This program is a weekly guided group through Jay Stringer’s JOURNEY course, focusing specifically on the material from “Unwanted”. Groups meet for 2 hours, once per week, to understand where you came from and choose where you go from here.

In this program, we will help you learn how to:

  • Understand your personal story of brokenness or trauma
  • Identify your re-enactments or reversals of trauma
  • Talk about rigid or disengaged family systems 
  • Discuss core experiences of deprivation, entitlement, distraction, futility, lust, and anger
  • Face lust and anger, and understand yourself
  • Know your own values, strength, and wisdom from your experiences
  • Establish routines for healthy self-care
  • Understand your role in building healthy relationships
  • Choose a mission, purpose, or community to move forward in life


When you choose this program with Addiction Reality, you will receive:

  • lifetime access to the Journey course by Jay Stringer 
  • Weekly 2-hour online group meetings for 18 weeks (dates TBD)
  • Guided instruction through the Journey course, with focus on your personal story and the chapters from Unwanted
  • Weekly assignments to be completed online
  • Understanding of your family systems and connections to your unwanted sexual behavior
  • Planning for healthy self-care and insight into managing personal relationships

Please ensure that you have a copy of “Unwanted” by Jay Stringer. Weekly chapter readings are assigned from this book. 

Guided Group Program: $1,290.00 per person


  • Felt like unwanted sexual behavior is a burden on your life, or feel like you’re enslaved to it
  • Tried other programs for treating addiction or compulsion with porn or sex, but are still addicted or relapsing
  • Tried stopping unwanted sexual behaviors by relying on will power alone
  • Finished rehab, treatment, or another program, and still feel at risk of using again
  • Lost your spouse, kids, house, job, friendships, etc. because of problems with unwanted sexual behavior

This program will assist you in learning from your past and from your current unwanted sexual behavior to finally understand what is needed to heal yourself and move on in life. The work in this program will help you learn what caused you to be this way and what must happen next. You will finish this course knowing what was missing in your early life, what is important to you now, and how to be an active participant in your relationships. 

You will finally understand the connections between where you’ve been, what you do now, and where you must go next. 

I went to rehab for sex addiction. I did 12-Steps, I did Facing the Shadow, I did meetings and groups and everything you can think of. “Unwanted” is absolutely the best information out there. It had everything I needed to understand what happened to me when I was young, and what I needed to do to heal. Since doing this work, I feel like I finally understand myself, and I feel like I am finally sober.    – Mark L.